At the age of 12 Emery found the book Born Free by naturalist, artist and author Joy Adamson in her grandmother’s bookshelf. The accounts of a woman who walked with lions instilled a life long ambition of caring for animals and their natural habitat.


At age 18, following a period of having lived and travelled between more than 15 countries, Emery moved to a small island in South East Sulawesi.


A few years prior her father and friends had come across a small, uninhabited island, its surrounding waters at the time heavily overfished. Realizing the reef’s potential, they founded an eco dive resort and marine reserve, protecting what today is one of the world’s most beautiful coral reefs. Through extensive conservation efforts over two decades Wakatobi has been able to enhance it’s marine biodiversity for the long term benefit of the island and its surrounding communities.

Since 2016 Emery has been working closely with animal charities in London including the RSPCA and Feline Friends, while also being active in a number of environmental groups.


Her most recent book Yuka & The Forest, printed on 100% recycled paper stock, donated 30% of profits to The World Wide Fund For Nature, working in the field of wilderness preservation and the reduction of human impact on the environment.


While trying to inspire, inform as well as campaign for renewed legislation, we also realize our individual responsibility. Within this Environmental-Policy.pdf  we have outlined in what ways we have established a more responsible and sustainable working practice.