Posturing, 2018

Posturing charts a new movement in contemporary fashion photography. Featuring editorial work, it groups together 21 photographers highlighting how they use the body and its position to tell new stories in new ways. Celebrating aesthetic oddness, and in the process questions the essential function and meaning of a fashion image. It is a style of photography that rejects the hyper-sexualised body and celebrity-driven, glamour-obsessed vision of fashion that in the 2000s glorified naked consumerism. One that is changing traditional ideas of clothing, casting and images, as well as recontextualising what the body means to fashion, and what fashion can mean to the body. Posturing is a record of that change and this new movement, capturing and analysing the voices and visions of those most integral to creating it.

Edited by Shonagh Marsahll and Holly Hay. Published by SPBH Editions in  2018.