Yuka & The Forest, 2018

Emery’s second book and continuation to Rie introduces us to the Chinju No Mori, The Sacred Forest. Within the book we embark on a journey of reflection that leads us through a remote village high into the midst of a vast landscape. We are prompted to contemplate nature’s profound serenity and as the last pages fall also of its demise at the hand of our own.


“A carpet of rising pines lies tranquil atop the rolling hills. I step over an uprooted sugi and softly whisper: ‘Old pine’, pressing my cheek firmly onto its moss-covered trunk, ‘may you have had a long journey of life and may the kodama continue to live on in all that is around you…”
— From the Artist’s Introduction


After having travelled to Tokyo for the first time in 1999, over a decade passed before Emery discovered the Japanese countryside and its incredible forest landscape. Since 2015 she has returned every year.



Published by Art Paper Editions, Ghent. Ltd edition of 500 copies incl. print. Print size is approx. 30cm x 250cm. Contains a short story by the artist. Designed by Lena C Emery & 6’56”. The book includes a photographic color print: YELLOW, RED, OR GREEN.


Printed on 100% recycled paper stock. 30% of profits go to the The World Wide Fund for Nature working in the field of wilderness preservation and the reduction of human impact on the environment.


Signed copies available via Iroko Studio