Internship at Lena C. Emery Studio

We are currently accepting applications for internships from October 2019 or later. Please send your CV, including any special skills or interests as well as your motivation behind applying to:

Come Join Us in Protest for OUR CLIMATE!

Millions of us will walk out of our workplaces and homes to join the streets for the Global Climate Strike to demand climate justice for everyone! Our house is on fire — let’s act like it! Friday, Sept 20th. 9am – 5pm, King’s College London, Strand, WC2R 2LS

‘Yuka & The Forest’ is currently on show at the London Art Book Fair at Whitechapel Gallery

Convened by associate curator Amy Budd this year’s public programme for the London Art Book Fair brings together some of the most innovative art publishers into dialogue around key questions in the industry today, alongside presentations by London-based artists, curators and poets working with text, publishing and performance. 

‘Yuka & The Forest’ at Perimeter Books, Melbourne

‘Yuka & The Forest’ has made it down under into one of our favourite book stores: Perimeter Books, 748 High St, Thornbury VIC 3071, Australia

Leporello Books, Il Masetto Summer Program 2019

Yuka & the Forest is one of 7 other titles selected by Leporello Books within the Il Masetto Travelling Book Store Summer Program 2019.

ARLES: Prix du Livre d’Auteur / Author Book Award 1 JULY – 22 SEPTEMBER 2019

Yuka & The Forest is currently on show as part of the 2019 Prix du Livre d’Auteur within the Rencontres d’Arles Book Awards. There are three categories of books: Authors’, Historical and Photo-Text. The Fondation Jan Michalski pour l’Écriture et la Littérature backs and encourages the Photo-Text Book Award, which celebrates the relationship between words and images. Each book is received in two copies: one is deposited at the library of the École Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie d’Arles, the other put on public display throughout the festival period.

BOOK SIGNING of ‘Yuka & The Forest’ Saturday, 2nd of March, 17.00 – 18.00 Yvon Lambert Bookshop

Come join us at Yvon Lambert, 14 rue des Filles du Calvaire, Paris.

‘The Practice’ shown on Dazed

Posturing: Photographing the body in fashion is on at London’s Ground Floor Project, Kensington. Holly Hay, and curator Shonagh Marshall, the show pulls together work from the archives of over 20 fashion photographers to charter a movement in which the body is captured in extraordinary gestures and poses, tracing a new aesthetic in fashion photography that originated in 2010 and continues to develop today.  The show’s photographers are differentiated by their unique approaches to posture and pose, yet all united in taking the fashion image beyond the garment. Take Lena C Emery’s surreal posturing that turns the body into elastic and pushes it far beyond its physical limits with torso strewn over head.

BJP features 10 pages of ‘Yuka & The Forest’ inside Dec 2018 issue titled ‘Nature’

In their latest issue the British Journal of Photography, speak with Lena C Emery about her latest work, Yuka & The Forest, which draws on Japan’s powerful cultural connection to forests. Todd Hido’s latest series, Bright Black World, presents a more chilling vision, showing icy landscapes that suggest a impending environmental disaster. 

‘Rie’ named one of the most exciting and projects of 2016 by British Journal of Photography

Rie was selected as one of the most engaging & exciting projects in photography to come out in 2016 by the British Journal of Photography and featured on their January 2017 Cover.

Charmaine Li writes about ‘Rie’ on Another

….Inside the book, there’s also a short poetic monologue written by the photographer herself which further explores how vulnerable the act of exposing ourselves and our skin to another can be. “By purposely taking the conversation out of a contemporary context and writing in the voice of a naïve young girl – ruminating on the joys of days spent uninhibitedly whilst living in rural Japan during a bygone era – I was hoping to re-instill a sense of innocence in the way that we view our bodies; and also encourage a connectedness with the natural world around us,” says Emery.

‘Rie’ featured on Purple Diary

Published by KominekLENA C. EMERY presents her first monograph “RIE”, which examines sensuality and self-exposure through an innately feminine lens: “Within the series of Rie, I wanted to embark on an inherently female dialogue on the subject of revealing. Japan is uniquely ambiguous in this respect which encouraged me to explore these thoughts through the communication with and portrayal of Japanese women.

Lucy Bourton writes about ‘Rie’ on It’s Nice That

Lena C. Emery is a name in the photography industry that is usually met with the response “she’s amazing!” Not only is this certainly true, it is a statement proven in her new monograph, Rie 理絵. The publication’s title is taken from a main subject within the book, a woman named Rie, whose name aptly translates as ‘truth’ and ‘picture’. The book follows a poetic narrative embarking “on an inherently female dialogue on the subject of revealing,” says Lena whose photography consistently presents a fresh view of femininity.

‘Rie’ featured on SLEEK

…photographing women in various states of undress, Emery concentrates on the idea of “apparent vulnerability” and how it intersects with “the understanding and appreciation of the powerful notion of being naked”. Through this anthology of images, Emery envelops her characters in the same colour palette and structural set-ups that she has become known for, further solidifying her signature style.